Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2017 USA Cycling Marathon Nationals Week: Tuesday

Tuesday 5/2/17
                Today’s purpose is to sharpen the skills on the bike. I prefer fast and flowy single track, tight and technical trails frustrate me. I’m not a fan of the slow bump and grind with trees and rocks. However, I acknowledge in order to be a menace of a mountain bike racer, I need to eat my vegetables and ride the techy stuff... It’s what’s good for me. Today wasn’t painful, Highland (the closest techy craphole trail) has a unique vibe to it. Since it is pretty hard to hit warp speed out there I found myself really taking it all in and enjoying the fresh leaves. It really makes one wonder why more people don't do this. Disclaimer: I recognize that sounds really Eco-douchey but it is what it is.

"Why travel all the way to Arkansas to just ride 50 miles?"

Here’s the numbers:
Miles: 12.7
Time: 1:25:25
Average Watts: 150W
Average Heart Rate: 132 Bpm
Total Climbing: 1699’

KJ per Hour: 543Kj

Green AF
Wet and Green AF

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